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Forum for Legend guild from Runes of Magic Reni server.
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 Application Template

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PostSubject: Application Template   Application Template I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 29, 2009 8:27 pm

* Please take the time to fill out this application as fully as possible. The more effort you put into it - detailed responses, proper English and formatting will go a long way towards us taking your app seriously. We like to play with intelligent, skilled, level-headed people. Your application is our first impression of you, so make it count. Feel free to include any additional information you feel we may want to know **

When you create a new thread, put your character name and classes as the title

- Age (We adhere to a strict 18+ policy):

- Location (Timezone):

- Classes and why you chose them:

- UI mods used:

- How long have you been playing RoM for?

- Former guilds, and reasons for leaving: (Be specific)

- Previous MMO experience:

- Do you have headphones and a mic, and are you capable of speaking in vent when needed? Ventrilo is a requirement for level 50 instances.

- Estimated play time per week:

- Can you afford to play ROM at an endgame level? You are expected to be able to gear up appropriately to run the high end instances, this is generally accomplished by the use of the item shop. Buying Purified Fusion stones, equipment and weapon jewels, and the similar items becomes a necessity. We will also take strictly ftp applicants that are willing put time and effort into gearing with 2 stat vendor fusion stones.

- How did you hear about us?

- Anyone in the guild that can vouch for you?

- Why do you want to be a part of Legend?

- Do you have a sense of humor? Prove it:

- Anything else?

*If you are caught lieing on your application, you will likely be kicked from the guild immediately. Just be honest, it usually works.*
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Application Template
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