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Forum for Legend guild from Runes of Magic Reni server.
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 My Application to your wonderful guild

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My Application to your wonderful guild Empty
PostSubject: My Application to your wonderful guild   My Application to your wonderful guild I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 15, 2009 3:19 am

* Please take the time to fill out this application as fully as possible. The more effort you put into it - detailed responses, proper English and formatting will go a long way towards us taking your app seriously. We like to play with intelligent, skilled, level-headed people. Your application is our first impression of you, so make it count. Feel free to include any additional information you feel we may want to know **

When you create a new thread, put your character name and classes as the title

- Age (We adhere to a strict 18+ policy): 26

- Location (Timezone): Pacific Coast USA

- Classes and why you chose them: Knight/Rogue. I am learning to tank. I stack STAM and also DEX to max my crits I am currently lvl 39/30. I have lvl 30 elites.

- UI mods used: PBInfo

- How long have you been playing RoM for? a month or so

- Former guilds, and reasons for leaving: (Be specific) The Golden Order. I got bored XD

- Previous MMO experience: I played one like 5 yrs ago... Ragnarok. But I don't like to pay a lot of $$ so mostly I don't play MMO... Until RoM came out that is.

- Do you have headphones and a mic, and are you capable of speaking in vent when needed? (Ventrilo is a requirement for level 50 instances.). I don't have a mic right now.

- Estimated play time per week: 10-20 hours

- How did you hear about us? A guild member from Sweden was in my party yesterday and I thought they were cool XD.

- Anyone in the guild that can vouch for you? I don't think i know anyone

- Why do you want to be a part of Legend? I am looking for a mature group of players to play RoM with!

- Do you have a sense of humor? Prove it: Lying is spelled wrong. Jeez you really screen your applicants huh?

- Anything else? Not really, I don't think so. Accept me!

*If you are caught lieing on your application, you will likely be kicked from the guild immediately. Just be honest, it usually works.*
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My Application to your wonderful guild Empty
PostSubject: Re: My Application to your wonderful guild   My Application to your wonderful guild I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 15, 2009 4:00 am

I have one concern, and that is primarily the lack of experience. When it comes to MMOs such as ROM, WAR, WOW, etc, tanks require an experienced player and one that understands both the mechanics of the game he's currently playing as well as the general dynamics of group play. Things like threat (aggro generation), the concept of mitigation, and the general idea of positioning and strategy are major factors in tank performance.

For this reason alone, I'm sorry to say that we're going to have to reject your application at this time. Thanks for looking into our guild though, and good luck!
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My Application to your wonderful guild
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